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August 7, 2008 back to top

What a wonderful couple of months our quartet has had, but boy, is the summer flying by...

Mixed Harmony Showcase - Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention, Nashville, TN

We were invited to sing again (for the 3rd time) at this year’s BHS convention.  We would like to thank Doug Miller and Friends for making us feel so welcome and for including us.  It was great to see many of our mixed harmony friends out in the audience.  Since that performance, we have heard from many people how much they enjoyed the show.  Kudos to the relatively new mixed quartet, City Limits - we loved your performance.  As a side note - we have never performed with a sound system that gave such a noticeable echo when you sang…..disconcerting, but kind of cool!

Harmony University – Missouri Western State University, St. Joseph, MO -

Thanks so much for everyone for making us feel so welcome at HU.  We learned so much from our great coaches (Marty, Adam, Kim and Barry) and made some wonderful new friends, including Mr. Awesome, Jordan, Jerome, Kevin, John, Mark, Neal, Steve, Marcus, Marcel, the guys from Late Night Edition and Quodlibet.  We really enjoyed the chance to reconnect with some old friends (Pascal, Luigi, Dan, Jim, Don, Tony, The Management, Back Bay Four, Lindsey, Joe).  Thanks to Ev Nau, Keith Hopkins and Mark Hale for having us into your classes.  Thanks to Bill Colosimo for helping us out with our split entrance.  Thanks to Jim DeBusman for being so supportive of us in our coaching pods.  Thanks to Rick Spencer for going out of his way to make us feel welcome as the first mixed quartet to get coached at HU.  Thanks to all the folks who chatted with us and made us feel so great after our many performances.  We learned so much – incorporating new vocal techniques, adding polish, and truly appreciate who we are as a quartet – and we had the absolute best time working hard at having so much fun. We can’t wait to see you all again soon!

June 30, 2008 back to top

Hello again, world.

Another few months have flown by and it is time for another news update. Boy, it has been busy for us individually and for our quartet. Travel has kept all of us just hoppin’- Lisa was in Florida for business, Chris was in Florida for a conference, Gaye has been all over NH and VT for the VNA & Hospice and Dan has been doing gig after gig after gig after gig with his kids at school.

The quartet has been busy working on some new music including that great Turtles song, Happy Together, as well as cleaning up some of our chestnuts. Our summer plans include attending the International Barbershop Harmony Society contest in Nashville, TN, where Chris will also be singing with the Nashua Granite statesmen in contest and HM have been invited to sing on the Mixed Harmony Showcase. We’ll also spend time this summer coaching at Harmony University in Missouri (we’re the first mixed quartet ever to participate!) and being on staff, singing on the show and hosting our annual Hospitality Room at Harmony College North East in Bridgewater, MA.

As usual we have been super busy with performances of all shapes and sizes:

Plattsburgh , NY - The Cumberland Bay Chorus men’s barbershop chorus allowed us to share the stage with them at their annual show, entitled Malt Shop Memories. Dianne, you are doing a great job! We also got the chance to hear and meet the Acoustifellas, a top notch high school group. The reception we got was second to none - we have never felt better while chatting with the audience after our set. It was just one of those serendipitous nights. Thanks so much.

Woonoski , VT - The Champlain Echoes, a women’s chorus affiliated with Harmony, Inc., invited us to sing on their show earlier this month. Talk about a hot had to be 105 when we felt those stage lights on us. At that time we were all wondering why in the world do we wear black?!! Thankfully the audience was still great, the chorus was accepting, outgoing and just down-right friendly. A big thank you goes out to Margaret and Ed for hosting us on Saturday night.

Lebanon , NH- 6 th Annual Upper Valley A Cappella Showcase - Gaye was the emcee, Lisa was the stage manager, Dan was the organizer and Chris.....well, he was Chris. The Lebanon Opera House certainly feels like home at this point. Thanks to the Lebanon High School Superlatives for hosting this great LOH fundraiser and community event. A BIG THANKS goes to the Saunders family for hosting the BBQ afterglow. Harmony Night rocks!

Lebanon , NH - The Upper Valley Senior Center hosted a dinner and invited us to add some entertainment. It is great to see so many familiar faces (hi, Jody and the Careys!) and to make some new friends. Rat Race ( Dan’s mens quartet) joined us and added a few tunes - thanks guys. And like every Lebanon gig, we had to end our night hanging out at Salt Hill - afterglows are us!

Grantham , NH - 50 th Anniversary Party - Dot and Art are such wonderful people and we were so proud to share their special day with them. Special thanks to Carolyn for thinking of us and keeping our performance such a surprise. We really hope we didn’t offend the Dartmouth alums by dedicating Don’tKnow Much About History to them and what a special treat it was to hear Dot’s story of Sh’boom.

Hanover , NH - Howe Library Volunteer Celebration - We just love to sing for small, hometown crowds and when that is coupled with amazing strawberry shortcake, what could be better. As usual, Chris’s Words of Wisdom went over “well” and we still don’t know how a guy that looks like that can remember all those countries in Yakko’s World. Thanks, Ellen, for inviting us. And congratulations to the woman who correctly guessed all our fun facts!

March 20, 2008 back to top

Well, let’s see now – what have The Honeymooners been up to? 

We had a great time singing at a private party in Hanover a few weeks back, celebrating the anniversary of the Upper Valley Hostel – a great cause, nice folks and some great wine, to boot.  Check out our new picture on our homepage to see what an “entertaining quartet” really looks like.

Last weekend we were in Lebanon at the Lebanon Towers – thanks to Jodi, who continues to invite us back to sing.  The quiche was wonderful and the smiles and laughter were contagious. We feel very at home with that wonderful group.

We have also just made plans to go to Harmony University in Missouri this summer, for coaching. We are the first mixed quartet ever to be registered at HU, and are very excited for the improvement opportunities this will offer us.

Repertoire updates:

- Monday, Monday (by the Mamas and Papas) is just about there.  We are letting it rest and percolate (that’s a music term…) just a little bit and then plan on doing the final touch ups to get it stage ready.

- Cause I’m a Bass has been really fun to work on and is also in its final clean up stages.

- Cabaret is a newly arranged song from the BHS. We are excited to add this great opener to our repertoire. “Come taste the wine…”

- Old Time Rock and Roll – your rep is never really complete without some rock and roll!  We are very excited, anticipating the sing-along potential for this old classic.

 Finally, we have earned a new description, thanks to our friends at Lebanon Towers – we’re “sophisticated.” Yup, yup!  Come see an upcoming show to see what we mean!

December 17, 2007 back to top

Once again a few months have gotten away from us and it is time to update our news for all our adoring (make that adored!) fans….well, at least we hope you are out there reading this.

Music update-

We are happy to now have 4 holiday songs in our active repertoire:

Jingle Bells
Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree
Silent Night
We Wish you a Merry Christmas

Our newest song in the show package is “Cause I’m a Bass”. We have found yet another way of showing off Chris and his amazing skills.

Keep a look out for “Monday, Monday”- our tribute to one of the most famous mixed quartets ever, The Mamas and the Papas.

Our recent performances-

Dartmouth Artworks- we had the pleasure of singing at the Top of the Hop - great sound system, fun venue and the 4 people in the audience looked like they were having fun. Thanks to Chris for being “The Dartmouth Artist” and letting us sing with him at this fun show.

Alice Peck DayHospital Employee Recognition- you know it is a fun gig when you get to sing with one of your friends. Thanks to Lynne Butler for stepping in and singing Blue Moon with us. It took a minute for the audience to “get” what we were all about, but pretty soon they were smiling, cheering and enthusiastically singing along!

Woodstock Terrace- we had a return visit to sing for our new friends at Woodstock Terrace. What a wonderful and receptive bunch! They smile, sing along and really seem to enjoy our visit, as we do. Thanks to Dave Robinson for making the trip and recording our performance.

Electric City Chorus Chapter Show- It was a typical riotous HM field trip to Schenectady, NY, to sing with our barbershop friends, Scollay Square. We would like to thank the chorus for their warm reception throughout the weekend; we love to meet more and more of our barbershop family. The NY Henderson family was well-represented – entertaining our families is one of our greatest thrills!

Norwich Gingerbread Festival- We have never seen so many gingerbread houses in one place!! Thanks to the Lebanon High School Chorus and Superlatives for letting us crash their party and sing a couple of songs on their show. When half of The Honeymooners only have to travel 3 miles to do a performance, it is a great (and very unusual) thing!

October 16, 2007 back to top

How time flies!! The quartet has been so busy with singouts, learning new songs and family stuff, that we haven’t had time to write a news brief- well here we go.

VNA & Hospice of VT and NH Centennial Gala Celebration-
What a worthwhile cause and a lot of fun to boot. As many of you know Gaye works for the VNA and she invited us to sing. Well by the time we sang there were only about 20 people left under the big tent, but what a warm and accepting audience. We did our normal dog and pony show and had folks singing a long and tapping their toes. What a thrill it was to share the stage with our great friends Gang of Four. Our combined rendition of The America Overlay was truly a joy to perform

North Country Chordsmen Annual Show-
4 th year in a row- old friends, new friends and one of our favorite shows of the year. Every year we do the NCC show it is always hard to decide what songs to sing. Do we go with some new stuff that folks haven’t heard? Do we sing some of our old favorites- our most requested? Do we do some fairly new stuff that our groupies really enjoy and some of our new friends haven’t heard yet? The answer this year was YES! Sh’boom is brand new. Daddy Sang Bass is only about 6 months old, but already an active part of our repertoire. Spiderman…….well what can you say about that song?

Fryeburg Fair-
4 th year in a row- sausage, french fries and more french fries. The art of being a strolling musician is interesting to say the least. We sang Rockin’ around the Christmas tree at the Christmas tree booth. We sang Mr. Ed to a lonely horse (no humans were around- how strange is that). We sang Daddy Sang Bass while standing on a spiral staircase- We couldn’t hear a thing. We sang Don’t know much (about history) in the Little Red School house. Always interesting, always fun- can’t wait for year 5.

August 27, 2007 back to top

Lake Sunapee Wine Society Party

HM just loves to entertain at private parties. We were asked a year ago by our friend, Bill Tighe the wine guy, to sing at this event and we were not available. Thankfully, this year they remembered us and we were free to drink a little wine and do some singing. What a beautiful home the Pollards have and what a nice and friendly group they were. It was an extra special treat to see Kathleen again after almost a year, and boy, did she look great! Thank you so much for remembering us and requesting so many of our songs - your smile is wonderful. Hello to our new "extended" family, Charlotte and Gary Signor, and so many friends from the Colby-Sawyer era.

Alton Bay Music Festival

Three years running, The Honeymooners were so thrilled to be involved with this happenin' festival. Boat rides, tag contests, a comedy show (which we missed due to singing for the fine folks in Sunapee,) singing for our breakfast at Morrissey’s Front Porch, old friends, new friends (great job Southeast Light) and our beautiful “home away from home,” King Birch Hotel. Thanks to Roger Menard for keeping us around and supporting us! We want to also thank our very close friends Custom Blend for spending the weekend with us - we love you guys! Alexa and Jason, thanks for making the trip to Alton Bay to sing in Family Feud. And Village Voices, the afterglow wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Opening Day meeting for Lebanon School District-

Well, when Dan got the call from Superintendent Dr. Mike on Friday that he would like some sort of music on Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. we did some fancy schedule adjusting and made it fit into our busy lives. What a warm and friendly reception we got from all the SAU 88 faculty and staff in the LHS cafeteria. Thanks for the standing “O”!!! This is the beauty of being a local quartet....seeing friends and co-workers as you sing a quick set BEFORE going to work on Monday morning - what could be better? (From here on out, Mr. Signor will be known as the Duke of Earl!)

August 22 , 2007 back to top

August 10 – 12, 2007

Harmony College Northeast

With a couple weeks under our belt to rest and recuperate, we look back at HCNE as one of our favorite weekends of the year. We get to meet so many new friends, sing to our heart's content and learn so much from our fine coaches. HM even took the leap to make our Hospitality Room an official thing this year and boy are we happy we did. What a blast we had both Friday and Saturday nights, hearing all those fine quartets, enticing people to sing in inter-chapter VLQs, and just sharing time with our buddies from the NED. A heartfelt thanks go out to Ed for all his work organizing HCNE (we love you, man!), to Jeff for inviting us to sing on the show again, and to Darrin for just being Darrin!! See you all next year at the Honeymooners’ third annual Hospitality Room.

August 16 and 17, 2007

Newport Yacht Club

It is not every day you get invited to travel to Newport, Rhode Island, to sing for Grill Night at the Yacht Club! Talk about an audience that loved to sing along! Thanks to Mal and Tink (and Rosa) for being such kind and generous hosts and to all the nice folks we met on our "weekend away." We are enjoying the 12 t-shirts for $36.00 that we bought at Cubby's - what a bargain! Singing for folks on the Majestic Tour Boat as we floated across the bay was another great treat of the weekend. Singing “Under the Sea” while on a boat certainly gave it a new twist – and one young passenger knew every single word of the song, which made us smile! Hey there, Trumpet Bob and Lora!

August 18, 2007

John 's SURPRISE B-day party

HM really loves gigs like this: a warm and welcoming family gathering together to celebrate the big 4-0 for our new friend, John (he looked dashing wearing the birthday “crown!”. Chris and John work together and HM was honored to be included in this special celebration. Thanks to Claire (mom) for organizing things and including us. It was great to meet family and friends, and kids of all ages (good luck at UCONN, Maggie, and keep singing!) You’re a generous, inclusive and wonderful family.

August 19, 2007

Wilmot, NH Bicentennial

We just love sharing the stage with The North Country Chordsmen. Thanks to Wilmot for celebrating such a momentous occasion and allowing us to be with you folks. When HM sings “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” for a new audience it is so much fun to see the reactions on people's faces – great job in joining us in the YMCA moves, Wilmot! And of course, to be followed by the amazing and timeless Top Drawer Four and have them steal your material.......well, that’s when you know you have arrived. We love you guys! “Squirrel” Jen and Pete – thanks for being there to cheer us on.

July 23 , 2007 back to top

Velleman Wedding -
HM traveled to Ithaca, NY to perform during the cocktail hour at Dartmouth Dave and Katharine's wedding. What wonderful weather… a beautiful location (Fontainebleu Inn) and fabulous company. A big hello goes out to the honeymooners (sorry, I had to), Joseph (our friendly bartender that told us about his experience listening to the Bobs) and all our new friends in Upstate NY.

Wine Country-
What would a trip to Ithaca, NY, be if we didn't spend a couple of days traveling to all the outstanding wineries in the area? HM enjoyed 4 sunny days of wine tasting, Frisbee playing and just plain old relaxing. We stayed at the beautiful Gothic Eves B&B, drank some outstanding reds made by John at Don Giovanni, hiked into Watkins Glen (725, 726, 727 … steps, that is!) and took in the full experience at Bully Hill. What a time!! Thanks to Bill and Chris for hanging out with us, and to Patsy and Alan for spending a rainy 4 th of July watching fireworks on TV in Binghamton.

Laconia, NY Barbershop Chapter Show-
So who had the key to the building anyway? Now this was one for the books!!

The show was scheduled to start at 3:00 p.m. and the doors remained locked until 2:55 p.m. For some reason the dude (or dudette) who was supposed to let us in was not to be found. Even the police and fire department tried to help us out, but without the security could do.
The show actually started by 3:30 p.m. and HM ended up starting the show in order to give the chorus some time to warm up and chill out (if that makes any sense!!) Well, truth be told Mike Maino, emcee extraordinaire, actually started (and ended, and everything in between) the show, but we sang first - well, actually the audience sang first, but we were first to sing from stage. The best part was that we actually got to sing twice.....the chorus needed time for a costume change. We offered to help out, and flexibility is our middle name!
It was great to meet so many folks who wanted to guess our “Fun Facts”… hope we’ll be able to visit the Lakes Region again soon, in addition to coming to the Alton Bay Festival. See you all on Sat. morning, August 25, for the mixed harmony showcase, and for the Sat. night show, back at the high school… I just hope someone remembers the key and the security code!

Camp Mayhew-
What a time we had doing our little Barbershop 101 class for the boys at Camp Mayhew. We ran out of the Laconia show early (no kidding) to hop a boat (no kidding) to do our presentation with our very close friends, Custom Blend, on beautiful Mayhew Island on Newfound Lake in Bristol, NH. Singing Father Abraham (really, really loudly :-) the boys and counselors even entertained us.
We were proud to spend our evening with such a first class group of kids. The respect and attention that they showed us was amazing.

June 8 , 2007 back to top

The Honeymooners are preparing for a fun filled singing summer. We have added 4 new songs to our repertoire… those we’ll sprinkle in along with the many tried and true our “groupies” request!

As the school year wraps up, so do our activities with the Lebanon High School Superlatives. This year we joined the Superlatives on their tour to Elmira, NY, over Memorial Day Weekend. As always, their performance was superb. The crowd in the beautiful Baptist Church in Elmira was enthusiastic, giving both the Honeymooners and the Superlatives high praise for our efforts. Thanks to Chris Topolewski and her family making our Elmira trip a success… and for all the great hospitality. Also, our year isn’t complete unless we join the Superlatives as they host the annual A Cappella Showcase, a fund raiser for the Lebanon Opera House. These shows just keep getting better and better! We already have it on our 2008 calendar for June 1, 2008. Come and join us… and get an a cappella group together if you’d like to be on-stage.

People always ask us if we are still on our honeymoon; the answer is YES! Relationships and family is what we are all about. Thus our trip to NY wasn’t complete unless we combined our family with our singing. The Congregational Church in Walton, NY, invited us back for our second performance. Why Walton, you ask? The fact that Dan’s grandparents, Dick and Marthena, still call it home might have a little something to do with it. Our Sunday afternoon hour-plus show was some of the most fun we have had as a singing group. It might have helped that the crowd, which nearly filled the lower section of the church, was heavily populated with Signor family and friends, laughing, heckling and cheering us on. (Thanks for recording us, Cody!) It was so great to see them all!

But remember, if you are a friend of the Honeymooners, you are like family to us.

So our summer begins tonight with our second outdoor concert at Jean’s Ice Cream in West Lebanon, NH. We have almost 20 gigs set up between now and Labor Day, so take a look at our upcoming events page here on our website, and join us for one of our many public performances.

April 26 , 2007 back to top

University of Massachusetts of Lowell

Barbershop Lesson/Demo

The Honeymooners were invited do a barbershop demonstration at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell - what an experience! When you get a chance to dispel a few falsehoods about barbershop and show a bunch of college music majors all the fun it can really be, you jump at the chance.

Michael Klein from Lowell’s Gentlemen Songsters was responsible for inviting us, and he played MC for the event. He welcomed the audience, introduced some history of barbershop and shared various options for students (and faculty members) to participate in some local Barbershop groups. Then Michael introduced us, and even though the audience was polite, you could tell they were skeptical about listening to a "barbershop quartet".

Our show lasted nearly an hour and consisted of many straight barbershop songs and then some “not-so straight” barbershop songs. For those of you out there who know the HM, you will know that we had no problem demonstrating the fun aspect of our hobby. About half way through the show, when we sang Under the Sea (from The Little Mermaid) you could tell that the audience was warming up to us. You could almost see the old "straw hat and arm band" concept floating out of their heads and a new "cooler barbershop" image starting to form. Certainly not to say that HM are cool (HA!), but the possibility of barbershop being new-age was certainly present in the room. A highlight of the evening was teaching the tag, “When It’s Sleepy Time Down South” We really heard some great singing voices in the room, and that led naturally, after the show, to singing a few more polecats and tags.

A big thank you to Michael and the students and faculty at UMass Lowell...we had a blast!

February 17, 2007 back to top

President’s Day Weekend Trip to Bangor, Maine

We had an exciting time making the trip in order to see Dan’s family and friends in the Bangor area. Seeing our friend and coach Steve, swapping presents for Christmas, celebrating Mom’s birthday, Alexa auditioning at USM and UMO and Jason interviewing at NESCOM; these were just a few of the highlights of our weekend.

On Saturday evening we packed ’em in at the new Hermon High School (well, the school is over 10 years old, but seeing as Dan graduated from Hermon when they had their old building, it seemed new to us). Actually we had a very small, but receptive audience made up of family and friends. It was great to see all those familiar faces smiling back at us.

The most interesting thing about this performance was the fact that everyone sat together, but only on one side of the auditorium! Having the sound system set up normally, facing front and center (thanks for your expertise, Terry, and for spending your first Saturday of vacation week with us – it was great to see you!), but having to sing the entire concert facing to our right……well, that was certainly a first for us!

We would like to thank Late Arrival for making the trek up north to share the stage with us. You guys did a great job! And thanks to Jim - you certainly kept the show going with your rendition of an emcee. ;-)

Sunday morning we had the extreme pleasure of singing for the fine folks at Woodlands over in Brewer. The most special audience member was, of course, Dan’s 94-year-old grandmother, who is still cute as a button at her whopping height of 4’10’’…..on a good day. We cannot express the joy it gave us to see her smiling so proudly while watching her grandson do his thing on stage. We love you, Little Grammy!

February 3, 2007 back to top

What a busy (and exciting) day. We seem to “double up” (do more than one gig in one day) on a fairly regular basis - and boy do we love it!

Valley Terrace show 2:00 p.m.- Norwich, VT
Many thanks to Bobbi for inviting us back to Valley Terrace; we sang for these fine folks 2 years ago and were really excited to be back. Getting the chance to do a full 45 minute show was such a treat for such a receptive, responsive and friendly audience. Even when we debuted two new songs (Mr. Ed and Under the Sea) they smiled and supported our efforts. It’s always gratifying, too, when people snap, clap and sing along with us… and joke-meister Bobbi may need to become the honorary 5 th member of our quartet!
“Who made the song Blue Moon popular?” Well, seeing as we didn’t know the answer to our own question, we asked the Valley Terrace crew; Bing Crosby was the consensus. Any other guesses out there?

Thanks, Valley Terrace, for a wonderful experience!

Note on Blue Moon: According to Since 1934, the song has been recorded by many of the great performers: Connee Boswell, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme, Vaughn Monroe, Dean Martin, Frankie Laine & Michel Legrand, and Tony Bennett, with Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, and Django Reinhardt pitching in with the most famous jazz versions. The first crossover recording to rock and roll came from Elvis Presley, but the version that really stirred things up came from The Marcels, a doo-wop group. In 1961, they shocked the purists (and the composers) with a new version that began with the bass singing, "bomp-baba-bomp" and "dip-da-dip".

Keene Cheshiremen Installation Banquet 5:30 p.m.- Keene, NH

We had the good fortune of meeting some of the finest people and dedicated barbershoppers ever last year at HCNE in the Honeymooners’ “hospitality suite.” Yes, you guessed correctly - men from the Keene, NH, chapter. And can you believe that they invited us to go and hang out with them one more time as the surprise entertainment for their installation banquet? What an honor!

The food was great, as was the venue, and it’s always fun to have wives, S.O.’s, parents and kids in the audience. It was particularly good to see all of our HCNE friends again, although there was considerably less of one of them than there was last summer!!

“Unique”? “Normal”? “Statisics”? We never know what’s going to come out of Chris when he launches into Words of Wisdom! He certainly makes us laugh.

From the installation, with Walt and Sandy providing a classy and official touch, to our Applebee’s “afterglow,” to singing at breakfast on Sunday with so many Cheshiremen and family members … seem like every time we are with you all, the event catapults into one of our fondest BBS memories. We respect your philosophy, your energy and your sense of fun in the hobby of singing. Keep it up!

To Steve, Pete, Norm (Mr. BOTY) and Jeff - could there be a crew of more dedicated barbershoppers?

To Allen - we really enjoyed your MC job last night! Quit your day job…….well…..? J

To Tom - you da bomb!

To The Cheshiremen - we couldn’t be prouder to be part of the family.


January 14, 2007 back to top

Happy Birthday, Chet and Mike!

The Honeymooners made the trip down to Franklin, MA, to help celebrate two fabulous birthdays. Chet celebrated a very young 80th and Mike turned an energetic 50. We were honored to be invited to share this special day with two great guys and their families and friends.

The funny background of this story is that even though Mike invited us to go sing to his dad, the gathering was also a surprise party for Mike, as well. I love it when a plan comes together.

The highlight of the day…….Chet’s story about Bill and Hillary Clinton and George W…. FIRE!!

p.s. Happy Birthday to both Lisa (1/13) and Kalynda (1/15)!

December 2006 back to top

We did more gigs than this, but we are old and can’t remember them all. Here is what we do remember.

Grantham , NH- We were invited back to Nan’s beautifully decorated home to sing for her mom’s special birthday party. Of course we also had to sing to Nan’s dad, since he also recently celebrated a birthday. The highlight of the day was singing Mom and Dad their special song, “Let me call you sweetheart.” They had had it sung at their wedding and you could see all that emotion once again when we shared it with them. Very special for HM.

New London , NH - Kathleen deserved a celebration for many reasons, and we did what we could to help…a wonderful lady, a beautiful house and friends galore. When you get a call to go and sing and part of the initial conversation includes, “We are going to be opening up our wine cellar and we want you to come and be our guests,” you know you are in for something special. The highlight of the day - being called back in as we were leaving to “sing that song with the really long note at the end.” And we knew exactly which song that was! Kathleen, you are an inspiration.

Lebanon , NH - Youth outreach and support of music in our schools is one of the primary commitments for HM. Whenever we get a chance to perform on a concert with kids, we always jump at the chance. The Lebanon High School Chorus put on a holiday show at the First Congregational Church, and they allowed us to sing a few songs. The kids did a fabulous job, the church has wonderful acoustics and there was food upon food upon food. The highlight of the day (this actually happened a couple days later) - one of Dan’s students said to him during class, “I really loved Spiderman!” and another one said, “Why didn’t you sing the geography song?!”

Hanover , NH - Whenever we can sing for family or friends of members of HM we love to do it. People know us individually by our day jobs (we won’t go there!), but when we got a chance to sing for a holiday party at Dick’s House (Chris works there) at Dartmouth College, people got to see our Big Bad Wolf as the loveable goofball that we know him to be. Smiles on faces, laughter galore and one proud big-guy … what a great gig. The highlight of the day - leaving work to be a superstar for 20 minutes and going back to work to be our normal selves.

November 2006 back to top

The North Country Chordsmen have been THE biggest supporters (besides our families, maybe) since HM started. They allowed us to sing on their shows before we should have been allowed to sing on shows…and a nicer group of fellas you will not find. We were honored to be invited to sing a couple songs for them at their traditional post-contest potluck dinner.

An HM tradition has been when singing for the NCC is that we like to debut new music for the guys and their families. They have heard us sing so often that doing the same ol’ same ol’ is not in the cards. So we launched into “Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can….” and you should have seen the look on Ron’s face! Priceless.

The highlight of the day - once again spending time with our barbershop family.

October 12, 2006 back to top
The Honeymooners Excellent Adventure in Maine:
We traveled, for the third year in a row, to the Fryeburg Fair. New in our quartet experience was camping in Chris and Lisa's pop-up... what fun! Crystal Lake in  Harrison was the venue for the weekend; although during the day, temps were 70ish, it was clear and cold at night, with a gorgeous full moon. We found ourselves wearing hats, gloves and other multiple layers, enjoying a roaring campfire at the water's edge, toasting marshmallows and sipping toddies. High points included our annual stop at Cafe Noche in Conway; a great Saturday night show at the Maine Veterans' Home in South Paris, where Gaye's dad is a resident; eating pizza while wearing gloves; "whisper-quiet" times at the campground (no singing allowed!); hot rodding down the power lines in Fryeburg to avoid the long lines of traffic; meeting Heather and family from Dan's old stomping grounds in Hermon; singing a couple tunes with Mike from the Portland Downeasters BBS Chorus; visits to the Little Red Schoolhouse, our favorite Fair location; Marie, Joanne, Ed, and all the great fans who cheered us on as we strolled in the beautiful weather; and the long trip home on Sunday night of Columbus Weekend.
The rugged Cherokee encountered some brake problems en route home, necessitating help from the State Police located in the Tamworth, NH, area, Mountain View Service Center, and Chequers Villa, where we "camped" with luggage (and ate delicious food!) while Dan and Gaye's daughter, Alexa, abandoned her homework and social life in Grantham and drove for 90 minutes to rescue us!  Many thanks to the restaurant, the staff who encouraged us to sing, the really nice family with twin babies who were so generous... people are so nice.
Quote of the evening, from one of the restaurant patrons who came into our dining room to listen to us sing..." Who ARE you guys???? And will you be entertaining here tomorrow at breakfast??!!"
It was a less-than-auspicious way to end a super weekend, but as always, the music pulled us through. Dan and Lisa rescued the Jeep and the pop-up on Wed. - another long drive, but hey... in the grand scheme of things, it's all good. Thanks, Tamworth. Thanks, Alexa.