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Interesting Facts about The Honeymooners


If you have seen us on a show you might know the answers to some of these questions. Let's see how many you can guess correctly.


1) Which one of us once won a children's singing contest that was aired on TV?


2) Which one of us earned the highest level of Scouting at the young age of 14?


3) Which one of us once rode 140 miles on their bike in one day?


4) Which one of us once visited Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch?

  5) Which one of us once owned a World War II fighter plane?  

6) Which one of us helped put themselves through college by buying and selling cars?


7) Which one of us has 2 false teeth created by a biking accident?


8) Which one of us had their own bicycle repair and sales business at the age of 10?


9) Which one of us found out, while a member of a fraternity in college, that they could fit their entire fist in their mouth?


10) Which one of us owns over 50 pairs of shoes?


11) Which one of us is a Frisbee expert?


12) Which one of us once ran for political office?


13) Which one of us does not like to eat corn and is deathly afraid of rodents?


14) Which one of us is a member of MENSA (the high IQ Society)?

  1) Gaye  
  2) Chris  
  3) Chris  
  4) Lisa  
  5) Lisa  
  6) Dan  
  7) Chris  
  8) Dan  
  9) Gaye  
  10) Dan  
  11) Chris  
  12) Gaye  
  13) Lisa  
  14) Gaye